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Danielle and her Bridesmaids – Red Lion Inn, Cohasset Ma.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I heard it can take up to 6 or 8 months to get my video…

– We go to great lengths to make sure your wedding film is not just a bunch of film clips put to music. We treat this as a labor of love and use our best judgment for every cut, effect or clip we make or use. Our clients don’t hire us to produce their wedding film because we can deliver it in a matter of weeks, but rather because they know it will be what they expected or better. You should expect to have a wedding film completed in 6 to 8 weeks.

What is raw footage?

– Raw footage is the term used to describe the footage of film that has not been edited or color corrected. It is the footage right out of the camera. Most raw footage will not only include the moments of the day but also include the moments when a camera is being focused, moved, or used to setup audio. Much the way a painter uses paint, brushes and canvas to create a work of art out of a vision. We use raw footage, editing, color correcting and audio tweaking to create your wedding film. Raw footage by itself will contain some moments that are simply not watchable. We strive to include only the cleanest footage from all of your moments within your wedding film.

Does it matter how many cameras you use?

– Couples often compare companies by the amount of cameras and other gadgets that are included in their packages. We approach your wedding film from the stand point that we will do whatever is necessary to produce the best wedding film possible for you. Our clients choose us because of our end product rather than the amount of cameras we use. But rest assured, we always use at least two cameras and most times even more.

How do you decide what music to use?

– Our couples have hired us to produce their wedding film and part of the process is to select music to be used for different parts of the film. While we certainly welcome feedback, we ultimately decide what music will be used based on the emotional drive, how the music moves the film along, and the overall end result with regard to how the film represents our style.

Do you deliver in HD?

-We shoot in High Definition and can deliver in High Definition Blu-ray technology. It is important to note however, that while Blu-ray is becoming more popular with the consumer market, there might still be some compatibility issues that you may need to address before you can be assured that your Blu-ray wedding film will play in your Blu-ray player.

Can I get additional copies of my wedding film?

– If you would like additional copies… Blu-ray (hi-def) are $50.00 each and DVD (std-def) are $25.00 each.

What’s the difference between cinematic and documentary shooting styles?

– Documentary – a lot of wedding videos have traditionally fallen under the “documentary” category. By definition, documentary means… “intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical records”… Documentary videographers capture the wedding day on the fly, as it happens. If the videographer utilizes tools such as sliders, steadycams, cranes, etc, the video can have, to a degree, a cinematic feel but it’s still a journalistic documentary, sometimes referred to as cinema verite film making.

Advantages: “price is generally lower”… “the standard way of filming weddings”

Disadvantages: “may not have that “wow” factor”… “generally longer in length”

– Cinematic – a “cinematic” wedding style film is generally crafted around story telling. A major part of cinematic shooting is to incorporate multiple shots of the same scenes, but from different angles and different focal lengths. Typically utilizes tools such as sliders, steadycams, monopods and cranes. Also a major contributor to creating a good cinematic film is to have great audio. In order to tell a good story you need to have a theme that serves as the backbone. In most cases that theme is the story that gets told by the Maid of Honor, the Best Man, a close family member or even the Bride and Groom. The combination of the creative shooting and the emotional testimony are what makes for a unique and compelling story.

In reality most cinematic style weddings are hybrids (documentary and cinematic) as only a segment of the day’s events are filmed that way, and the rest of the day unfolds as naturally and spontaneously as any other wedding.

Advantages: “stylish and creative”… “can have a “wow” factor”… “typically shorter in length”

Disadvantages: “generally more expensive”… “may add more stress to an already stressful day”… “may require additional time from the Bride and Groom”… “some scenes may need to be shot over and over again to insure best imagery”… “may involve constant movement of gear from the film crew, which could be disruptive”…

How many weddings do you shoot on a wedding day or weekend?

– We never schedule more than one wedding on the same day… and rarely on the same weekend. We want to make sure that we perform at the highest level and be super focused for the task at hand. Your wedding film is as important to us… as it is to you.

What types of cameras and microphones do you use?

– We use professional grade Panasonic video cameras, which record in high definition – 1080p. We also use a Canon DSLR cameras, which gives us the added benefit of being able to shoot with a shallow depth of field, thus enabling us to record more intimate shots. We also use professional grade audio equipment… both wireless and portable recorders.

Do you use on and off camera lighting?

– With advances in low light camera technology… the need for harsh lighting has been dimmed (pun intended) quite a bit. Although we understand the couples desire to keep the room ambience as romantic as possible. There will be times when specific lighting, whether it be on camera or off camera, is needed to capture usable images. Even today’s newest cameras still need a certain amount of light hitting the image sensor in order to capture sharp images and vibrant colors. We only use lights when absolutely necessary.

Do you have backup cameras on hand in case of failures?

– We always work with at least two main cameras and have several additional cameras on hand as backups. We prefer to shoot with multiple cameras so we can capture the same moments, but from different angles.

What is a Highlight video or Recap?

– Your highlight video / Recap contains all the best moments from your wedding day, carefully edited with music, intended to capture the essence of your day.

What can video do for me that photography can’t?

– Being able to relive the exact moment you exchanged your vows is priceless for the couple as well as their guests. A good videographer will have a microphone that is discreet enough to be hidden, and high quality enough to capture the audio in the best way possible. You’ll be able to hear inflections in your voice, and the whispers that show the love and devotion (and nerves) you have when you are up there to show the world how much you love your spouse.

– There is nothing that gets tears flowing faster than seeing a proud father try to complete a sentence during a toast for his lovely daughter. Or, the heartfelt sentiments from the Best Man and Maid of Honor. These are the moments when the spoken word can say so much more than any photograph can.

– Being able to capture the sights and sounds of loved ones, especially, parents and grandparents, will be something you will cherish for a lifetime. Years from now when some of your loved ones are no longer with you… being able to see and hear them again will bring back wonderful loving memories.

– There is a lot of activity that goes on while you are busy getting ready for the ceremony, reception or when you are out having photo’s taken. Being able to watch the video allows you to experience things you weren’t able to see and hear on your wedding day. Often, couples will see things they didn’t know happened at their wedding… and sometimes people they didn’t know were even there.

– Being able to relive the sights and sounds on the dance floor, with all your crazy family and friends, will probably be one of the highlights of watching your wedding video. And as the years go by, the music and the dance moves will live on forever, serving as both the most fun and possibly the most embarrassing moments had at your wedding.

– There is nothing like seeing your Bride, or seeing your Groom for the first time on your wedding day. Whether you have a private first look, or if you make eye contact on opposite ends of a long aisle, being able to witness that moment again, or show your friends and family again is beyond priceless.

– There will always be special moments at any wedding… whether it be your niece singing a special song, your fraternity brothers performing a crazy ritual, or your family members throwing down a flash mob routine. It’s moments like these that are best served captured on video.

– Having a wedding video allows you to share one of the most amazing days in your life in a way you just can’t do with photographs. Your children, grandchildren, new friends and family can experience your day as if they were there with you.

What shooting style do you use?

– We mostly use the “documentary” style of shooting for our weddings. But we also use elements from the “cinematic” shooting style as well. So we basically shoot a hybrid style.

See “What’s the difference between cinematic and documentary shooting styles?” for an explanations on the different shooting styles.

Do you have a sample video you can send me?

– We have samples of our work on our website. However, if you would prefer a physical disc sent to you, we are happy to mail one. You can fill out the form on the contact page to request a mailed sample.

How does your payment process work?

– We require one third of the total amount to secure your date and 14 days prior to the wedding day, we require the remaining balance.

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